[K12OSN] Qemu, VMwareserver with K12LTSP

Daniel Bodanske daengbo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 00:55:18 UTC 2007

Take a look at VirtualBox. Easy to install. Easy to manage, both from
the GUI and the command line. Scripting is not really a problem
either. I started using it a month ago and am very happy with the ease
and speed.


On 4/9/07, Barry Cisna <brcisna at eazylivin.net> wrote:
> Hello All,
>  Just wondering if anyone on the list is using either Qemu and or
> VMWareserver on top of K12LTSP to run winders 2003 server? If so was
> wondering how performance is in " the real world" of using it? Ive
> installed Qemu and VMWareserver with XP guest and FC5 as host on a couple
> of laptops and a couple workstations to test the waters. It seems
> VMWareserver has a little better performance overall. But Qemu " just
> works" so easy . I did install the kmod-kqemu accelerator too.Sound, usb,
> etc works v ery decent. CDrom drives is another thing,though. The bootup
> times are almost 2.5 mins. These machines were nothing to brag about
> though. I was thinking of possibly doing this for " the real thing "
> maybe next school year if someone gives the thumbs up on already having
> used one of these. I'm sure you'd never get the performance as runnning
> the OS on a real/seperate server. The upside is after you get your image
> made ,just make a copy of it somewere on the server,and if say the
> registry gets hosed,(remember this is winders),dump your running image
> and copy your saved IMG into place and you are up and going again! The
> images I wound up with all the MS goodies wound up being only around 1.5
> GB's.
> Would you need ram sticks in the server, stacked up to the ceiling to make
> this a viable option
> Anyone have any thoughts?
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