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Re: [K12OSN] RE: Future LTSP direction: Local Apps

The direction that RedHat/Fedora is gearing up for is "Stateless Linux".

Essentially it is like using a boot CD Linux system (sort-of). It is
possible to have multiple different types of run-time environments based
on need. Currently, each environment is constructed using tools like
cobbler, koan, and puppet. The clients can still PXE boot or use an
embedded boot system. They can also either have, or not have disk space
for scratch files/tmp areas.

It has great potential as it is a system for constructing ones own thin
client environment. This will lead to an even broader developer base to
do the back-end support for K12LTSP and derivatives. I _don't_ see most
schools going "COOL! Now we can roll our own custom environment!"
anytime soon. It's a beast of a process. however, in the not too distant
future, the ability to add a new package to the user environment will be
easy enough and it will not affect the operation of the server itself.

The ability to separate server environment from client environment will
be a HUGE improvement!
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