[K12OSN] Not full screen, just a window

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Thu Apr 26 16:38:39 UTC 2007

There is another way

go to /usr/share/applications/

find your tuxtype icon
right click
click "Launcher"
like Petre said, change the command to: tuxtype2 -w

if you have to text edit the file


change the Exec line to: Exec=tuxtype2

this trick works for tuxpaint and GCompris,too,
but for Childsplay, you'll need to use: childsplay --window


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> TuxType is really /usr/bin/tuxtype2, which is a binary file.  You can
> have it launch in 
> a window by using the -w parameter.  To make it that way for everyone,
> cd into 
> /usr/bin/, change tuxtype2 to, say, tuxtype2.bin.  Then create a
> script in /usr/bin/ 
> called tuxtype2 that has this line in it:
> /usr/bin/tuxtype2.bin -w
> Make the script executable (chmod +x scriptname).  Now, whenever
> anyone clicks on the 
> menu selection for TuxType, it will come up in a window.  HTH.
> Petre 

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