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[K12OSN] Linux & Lefse: The North Central Linux Symposium, June 14 & 15 in Minneapolis

Mark your calendar if you're in the midwest: We'll be holding our second annual North Central Linux Symposium in Minneapolis on June 14 & 15. Our slogan this year is 'More Computers, More Software, Less Money'.

As in the past, the focus is on K12LTSP on the first day and on LTSP in general on the second. We'll be inviting all the schools and colleges in Minnesota to come. We be demonstrating how, for the cost of one computer per classroom, schools can put ten computers in each classroom, giving students computer access for a few hours every day rather than just one hour per week. Only with Linux and LTSP is this possible and manageable.

On the second day, we'll be hearing about LTSP 5 and the future. LTSP founder Jim McQuillan will be there, as will developers Scott Balneaves and Gideon Romm.

This year the conference is being graciously hosted by Hennepin Technical College, a community college on the north side of town. We'll be in a much nicer auditorium, and the college is providing much of the hardware we'll be showing off.

This is a grassroots operation, made up of many people from this list. It's a great time to get together with your LTSP peers, and to help spread the word.

Visit www.nclinux.net for details.  Hope to see you there.

Petre Scheie

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