[K12OSN] 5.0.1 EL DVD Install Looking for CDs

Mark Trimble matrimble at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 21:03:28 UTC 2007

Thanks to both of you for your help on this.

The solution I came up with is a bit slower, but otherwise for my situation
very satisfactory. I created a startup cd using the boot.iso from the
distro's /image directory and then performed a FTP install using the /i386
directory on the MESD ftp site. I figured the bandwidth cost was comparable
to downloading the iso's and it has allowed me to perform an install without
getting/setting up another machine.

Now I only hope Eric's OK with it ;-)


On 8/21/07, David H. Barr <dhbarr at gozelle.com> wrote:
> On 8/21/07, Mark Trimble <matrimble at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi Robert,
> > Trouble is, I don't have another machine available at the moment to
> create
> > an NFS share on or to serve as a HTTP host and I'm not quite sure yet
> how to
> > setup a hard disk installation.
> IIRC I've managed to use a first_cd, dvd, last_cd option.  This was a
> much older (~500mhz dual pIII) system, and for whatever reason I
> couldn't install straight from DVD.  Essentially I didn't want to
> babysit the drive while it re-installed for the third time, so I tried
> a shortcut.
> I think I began the install with disc1, dropped in the DVD when
> prompted for disc2, and put in discX when prompted (it happened to be
> the final disc).  We didn't actually end up using the system for much
> of anything other than a testbed, so I didn't keep any further
> details.
> Hope this helps (or at least does no harm)
> -dhbarr.
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