[K12OSN] Unable to access gmail...

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Aug 29 01:06:53 UTC 2007

have tried https...all various renditions...gmail.com,mail.google.com, 
etc,...have cleared cache...have turned squid off...can ping and resolve 
gmail.com without a problem...

it seems to be something with 'https' sites specifically...
am currently trying to find something in squid.conf that may affect 
that...although it SHOULD work from the server no matter what...with 
squid turned off and no transparent proxying happening on my external 
interface(eth1)...(i.e. not from windows machines connected behind eth0)


Kari Matthews wrote:
> This is probably not help, but ...
> 1.  Have you tried accessing gmail from the https:// site?
> 2.  Cleared your cache?
> 3.  Checked to see whether squid might be blocking it?
> Has it ever worked?  Can you ping it?
> ~kari

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