[K12OSN] running dhcp on port 1067 on FC5

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Wed Aug 29 22:34:53 UTC 2007

Hello List,

Has anyone here tried running dhcp on port 1067 on k12ltsp v.5.0? I've had
no problems getting this setup since version 1 of k12ltsp but I just
upgraded one building server to k12ltsp v5.0 a few days ago, that I need
to run dhcp on port 1067 and dhcp appears to start saying "dhcp is bound
to port 1067" as it starts, but when i do a portmap, dhcp is actually
running on port 67/default.
I have the latest dhcp rpm installed on fc5. I 'm wondering if I need to
downgrade to the original shipped dhcp rpm that came with fc5?
Cant find any Google action on this:(.

Take care

Barry Cisna

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