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Re: [K12OSN] (no subject)

what I ended up doing for a solution
was creating an 'autoproxy by URL' file..

say google.pac...and using that as the proxy option.
so it happens automatically for "https" sites...and non-https sites still go DIRECT.



Barry Cisna wrote:

For what you are trying to accomplish, try just whitelisting the https:
site(S) you are trying to get to,( if you are using DG for filtering)such


I'm not sure this will let that https site even come through? I'll have to
think on how I setup our DG here to resolve this little delima?
Also I'll look back many moons as I posted a how to on how to hard code
the proxy for ALL users,in their browser and also makes the entries to add
a manual proxy "greyed out".
This is something to try. Sorry I cant remember the particulars right now.
I'll post up when I remember ASAP!

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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