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Re: [K12OSN] Updating the PXE start files

Kenneth Lundström wrote:

I have used LTSP and K12LTSP for maybe two years or correctly said my client has been using it. The K12LTSP is very easy to install and use. Thank you everybody who has been working on it and made so easy to use.

My client got an new Thinkpad R61 and would like to use it mostly as an client in the LTSP network. I´m offsite so I installed an test server from the same CD:s to find out if I could get the Thinkpad to work with K12LTSP.

For some reason the network card is not detected automatically. It toke me two nights to find out why opion-128 and option-129 does not work with PXE. Now I know it shouldn´t work. I mixed Etherboot and PXE in my mind. When I finally got there next problem presented it self. dhcpcd error, after spending half a night trying to find out why I found that kernel should be updated.

Somewhere I read that K12LTSP is updated with yum. So I made a 'yum update -y' but files in /tftpboot/lts/pxe are not updated. So I used ltspadmin and installed newest LTSP files, after som trial and error I get the DHCP to offer the right files and got the laptop to boot.

Is there a way to automatically update even those PXE files?

On our K12LTSP 5EL server the files under /tftpboot/lts/pxe belong to the ltsp_i386-boot package. If the ltsp_i386-boot package in the yum repository is updated, then yum will pull it in when you run yum update. The ltsp_i386-boot package seems to be maintained by Eric Harrison ("the K12LTSP guy"), so you might want to ask him about updating the package.

Nils Breunese.

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