[K12OSN] Support for Etherboot on 486's with ISA NICs

Doug Simpson simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
Mon Jul 2 14:27:05 UTC 2007

Hey guys!

Has support for 486 computers and ISA NICs been dropped from K12LTSP?
I have been unable to get it to work with many different NICs and several computers.

When you say use "old hardware" I take that to mean "old hardware". Some of the stuff they talk about on there as being "old hardware" is generations newer than the newest stuff I have.

Being able to "just upgrade the server" when you need newer stuff, should be just that. There are a lot of 486s that work great as terminal clients, but if they will no longer work, there goes the ability to use "old hardware" which really puts poor people like me at a disadvantage.

I have ran versions from 3.x and up and have been very satisfied. Install, and within a few minutes, I can usually get the "old hardware" working. A few more minutes and I can get sound working (usually).

Hasn't happened yet with version 6.0.0.

Could it be simple as making it boot a slightly older kernel than 2.6.x?  Will 2.4.x work on a 486 where 2.6.x won't?

Getting thin on top. . .


Doug Simpson
Technology Specialist
De Queen Public Schools
De Queen, AR
simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us

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