[K12OSN] new principal ... wants new feature

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Wed Jul 4 01:53:56 UTC 2007

Hi Kari,

OK ,You didnt say,but Im assuming you have ONLY Ubunto/ Linux servers/file
server that your new principle will be saving stuff to? An easy setup
would be to install FreeNX on each file server you have at school( The
server part of FreeNX). Then He would have to install the client part on
his home machine. ALso what they may have setup at his " last" school is
possibly vnc, ( which does has a web interface to it) that lotsa people
don't even know exists.
If you are not familiar with FreeNX Google it. It is basically a glorified
VNC server/client access product. It is all encrypted which is a "good
selling point" to your mew principle.
Any way you cut it it will be a bit of a hassle,beings he will have to
install the client part of FreeNX on his home PC to make it happen.There
will be frustration gauranteed, as the learning curve of how to connect
the first few times through a " new" interface" to school server! As the
Program is implied it IS free!,,:-) So no $ laid out for it. Another
caveat is you have to copy the ssh key from the server to each client you
want to have try and connect to the given server. There are RPM's for
Freenx for Fedora, I beleive there are RPN's as well for Ububtu? So it
would be a relativly easy setup.
Hope this gives you a starting point.
Let us know your outcome.

Take Care,
Barry Cisna
westcentral school

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