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Re: [K12OSN] two samba servers on one Win2k3 domain without trusts?

Here's a thought:
Why not have  your Samba servers participate  as member servers in Active Directory?
In so doing, you can administer all your Windows and Linux computer and user accounts using the standard Windows MMC.
You can configure your Samba servers to be ldap/winbind clients authenticating to AD.
 The beauty of the Linux PAM stack is that you can point it to an AD authentication source via winbind and/or LDAP.  
Why maintain 2  user directories when one will suffice?  Administration is much easier if you can keep all your computer and user objects in a single directory.
I assume that you have no plans to get rid of  AD in the near future, if at  all.
Check out http://sadms.sourceforge.net/  for more information.
On 7/9/07, john <lists john gmail com> wrote:
Hi all,

Is it possible to have two samba servers on a win2k3 domain without
using NT style trusts? Put another way, must one of the Samba servers
always be a PDC for its own domain and host something like LDAP for
all other samba servers?

Is there someone out there who REALLY groks SAMBA?



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Conrad Lawes

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