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Re: [K12OSN] two samba servers on one Win2k3 domain without trusts?

I used multiple domains and multiple servers and had no problems accessing data from any server from any workstation (not using W2K. . . all my PDC were linux/samba) provided the user had accounts and access rights to each server.

It depended on who logged in and what they were supposed to have access to as to whether or not they needed access to a particular server or share. Basically, the only thing I used the domain for was authentication. After that everything else was done via login scripts. Winders XP messed that up a bit, but I figured a way around that, too. . .With 98, you could simply change the domain line and log into any domain you wanted. With XP you are locked into one. But granting access to others is still possible with linux/samba servers without having to change the domain. . .

More details if you want. . .


john wrote:

Hi all,

Is it possible to have two samba servers on a win2k3 domain without
using NT style trusts? Put another way, must one of the Samba servers
always be a PDC for its own domain and host something like LDAP for
all other samba servers?

Is there someone out there who REALLY groks SAMBA?



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