[K12OSN] Any news about K12LTSP 7

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Mon Jun 4 15:19:08 UTC 2007

Shishir Jha wrote:

>> Just was curious to know whether k12LTSP v7 is in plans or not.
>> And if yes then which version of LTSP is going to incorporated
>> in it. We are currently using K12LTSP 5 and are thinking of
>> upgrading to newer version. We have been trying out Edubuntu
>> 7.04 for test and are giving it a thought due to its ease with
>> Pulseaudio and LTSP 5. But as we have been using K12 I dont
>> want to change to debian based Linux from .rpm based system.
>> So guys, if anybody knows about any plans for K12LTSP and its
>> detail, please do share it with me so that I can decide what
>> to do and whether to upgrade or wait for release of version 7
>> of K12

On Monday, May 07, 2007 6:30 PM, Eric Harrison wrote:

>> For those of you who like your bleeding-edge with extra blood, I
>> have a first "rough-draft" of K12LTSP 7.0.
>> This is based on Fedora 7 test 4 and is at the "look Mom, it
>> booted!" stage of development ;-)
>> ftp://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/pub/K12LTSP/testing/7.0.0-32bit/iso/
>> http://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/K12LTSP/testing/7.0.0-32bit/iso/
>> rsync -Pav k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us::testing/7.0.0-32bit/iso/ .


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