[K12OSN] how to set up passwordless ssh access

Nils Breunese nils at breun.nl
Sat Jun 16 14:11:48 UTC 2007

James P. Kinney III wrote:

> On Fri, 2007-06-15 at 23:06 -0400, Jim McQuillan wrote:
>> check the permissions on the .ssh directory, and the  
>> authorized_keys file.
>> .ssh should be 0700  ('drwx------') and owner/group must be  
>> correct for
>> that user.
>> authorized_keys should be 0644 ('-rw-r--r--'), and again owner/group
>> must be for that user.
> And the /etc/ssh/sshd.conf must be edited to allow use of RSA keys.
> find these lines:
> #RSAAuthentication yes
> #PubkeyAuthentication yes
> #AuthorizedKeysFile     .ssh/authorized_keys
> and uncomment them and restart sshd

That's not really necessary as the commented out values are the  
defaults. But it doesn't hurt either.

Nils Breunese.
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