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Re: [K12OSN] Reasons to Use LVM

I agree that LVM just complicates things. A few years back, when disks were smaller, it would have been useful (but wasn't available then--figures). Nowadays disks are so large that it's not really much help, at least in the context of an LTSP server. And if the LVM gets trashed, realistically you're cut off from your data even if it's actually intact on the disk. With regular (non-LVM) partitions, you at least have a chance to boot Knoppix and mount the data partition and recover the data even if the boot partition is toast. So, I rarely use LVM in K12LTSP setups any more. My $0.02.


Mark Trimble wrote:

I'm running Compaq hardware RAIDs and was wondering if there's any compelling reasons to use LVM in my K12LTSP v6 installation. I've used LVM in the past on Debian/Skolelinux installations and then it only seemed to complicate hard disk administration without offering any apparent benefits.



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