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Re: [K12OSN] Open Office

Hi Derek,

I don't know if you are in any position to do this, but how about
saying that you'll only accept assignments saved in .rtf format, which
most word processors can do?
Ok, and now back to reality ;-)

As far as I know, and I have looked around in the past, only MS
publisher will open publisher files. You could have your students save
the file as .html (which publisher will do) open it in Open Office and
convert it.

There are convertors for .docx. Look here

I'll let someone else chime in about the .wps files.



On 6/7/07, Derek Jaques <djaques corbett k12 or us> wrote:
Does anyone have any ideas how to open .pub (MS publisher files)  .wps
(MS works defaut) or .docx (Vista word??)  files?  I have a plethora of
students who have term papers in these formats from home.  If Open
Office cannot open them, is there another program that will with the
default K12LTSP distro packages?

Thank you in advance.

Derek Jaques
Corbett School District

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