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Re: [K12OSN] feature request: pykota

Easier said than done, I suspect. I don't use pykota, but it appears the tar file is freely downloadable and released under the GPL. But none of the usual repos have rpms of pykota. The only place I see rpm files (or any other package format, for that matter) for it is at pykota.com, and they charge $25 for access to those. The money goes directly toward pykota development, so it seems very reasonable considering what you get. But while the GPL should allow anyone to build an .rpm file for it and distribute it--for example, the Fedora project--for some reason it isn't happening. If you'd like to investigate further as to why that's the case, I'm sure others would be interested to know the story. Perhaps you could build a package that could be used.


Jim Anderson wrote:
I realize it's too late to get this app into any imminent release of K12LTSP, but I think print auditing with pykota would be a worthy addition to K12LTSP. It would be especially useful in a library or public internet setting where there is a need to monitor and/or charge for printing..

Jim Anderson


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