[K12OSN] OT: quote on file / mail server

Rob Owens rowens at bio-chemvalve.com
Thu Jun 28 11:25:35 UTC 2007

Our office in the UK is getting a new server to handle file shares and
email.  They are planning to go the Windows route, but I'd like to find
out how much it would cost for a comparable Linux-based system.  

The hardware has already been picked out, so I'm only requesting quotes
from you guys on the labor involved in setting up the software.  

There are 20-30 users at this office.  They currently use Active
Directory, and they would probably prefer to keep it that way (it's
running on a different server).  I'd be interested in hearing proposals
to replace it, though.

My preferred distro would probably be either CentOS 5 or Debian.  (Due
to the long-term support).  But I am open to suggestions.  GUI tools to
manage the email accounts would be a plus, in order to break in any
admins who are new to Linux.  (I will be the primary admin, but I need
somebody to be my backup).

The email server sends and receives email to/from another mail server
which is controlled by the parent company.  It will not be exposed
directly to the internet.  It does not require anti-spam measures, since
the parent company's server handles that.

Please let me know how much you guys think this should cost, even if you
don't want to do the work yourself.  If you are interested in doing the
work, please let me know that as well.

I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


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