[K12OSN] mount remote share, launch file manager, unmount share--how?

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Thu Mar 22 17:39:09 UTC 2007

I want to use afpfs-ng (a new version was just released) to allow students to access 
their files on the district's "central storage server" which is a Mac server that will 
only talk over AFP, as decreed by the district techs.  On the client desktops, we're 
using autologins, so my thought was to create a create a script that queries the user 
for an ID & PW, then passes those parameters to afpfs-ng to mount the user's personal 
directory from the Apple server, and then call Nautilus or some other file manager and 
point it at the mountpoint so students can get to their files.  We'd put an icon on the 
desktop that calls the script.  Here's the tricky part: I want the share to be unmounted 
when the file manager is shutdown. That way, all a student has to do is close the file 
manager window and the mount will go away, so another student can't come along afterward 
and mess with the previous student's files.  The script would look something like this:

get user ID & PW
mount directory via afpfs-ng
call Nautilus and point it at mountpoint
wait until Nautilus is shut down, then unmount mountpoint

The problem is this doesn't work with Nautilus because it's part of Gnome and so doesn't 
maintain a separate PID that I could monitor and use as a trigger for unmounting.  I 
suppose I could call Konqueror, but that loads so much overhead that it takes a while to 
come up.  I'd prefer to use Nautilus because it's the same, for the users, as when they 
open the local directories.  Any ideas?


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