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Re: [K12OSN] Why doesn't JRE work on K12LTSP 6.0 64bit?

There isn't a version of the java plugin for 64-bit Linux, yet. (Will
there be? Can we hope?)

There is a way to create a 32-bit version of Firefox with the plugin and
to run it in compatibility mode, but I haven't gotten around to doing it

If you can access the code for the book, you may be able to run the
applets using AppletViewer or write a little driver class to run them
from the command line.

If I get anywhere installing 32-bit Firefox, I'll let you know.


On Wed, 2007-02-28 at 19:12 -0700, ahodson wrote:
> For almost three weeks I've tried intermittently everything the book has 
> to offer to have Firefox (and Opera, and Mozilla SeaMonkey, and 
> Epiphany...) run some Java (jre)  based web sites  (virtual math mostly) 
> using a new Dell 64bit server - I am able to run them on K12LTSP 6.0 
> 32bit servers, but I am starting to think the 64 version is just somehow 
> not compatible - anybody has an explanation, opinion or better, a 
> solution for this? Heck, I'll settle for a rumor...
> cheers
> Alan Hodson
> El Paso ISD, TX
> -=o=-
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