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RE: [K12OSN] User folder not created (odd behaviour)

Thanks for the response, Steven!
It turns out I had 'automounting' on that server.  Turning that off and manually mounting worked.  Issue resolved!
- Ryan
Instead of copieing, try NFS mounting /home on each terminal server from the LDAP server.

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	Subject: [K12OSN] User folder not created (odd behaviour)
	We've set up a new dual k12ltsp system (serv01 and serv02) which authenticate back to an LDAP server that contains all home folders.
	A client starts up and randomly chooses the next available terminal server.  When this happens, the user logs on to the system, the home folders are 'copied' across to the new server, and normal session login occurs.
	I have ONE USER (that's the odd behaviour) that can log on to serv01 but not serv02.  When she logs into serv01, the home folder is created in the /home directory of serv01, and everything 'works normally.'  When she tries to log into serv02 in the exact manner (with same username/password, session type, etc), she gets the message
	Your home directory is listed as:
	but it does not appear to exist. Do you want to log in with the /
	(root) directory as your home directory
	And she can't log in (no copying of the /home folders from the LDAP server to serv02/home occurs)
	Any ideas of what's gone wrong for this one user, and where to look for a fix?
	- Ryan


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