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Re: [K12OSN] What's the deal with monitors?

I ran into something similar with an OptiQuest monitor a few years ago with K12LTSP.  Also affected FreeBSD, interestingly.  By accident, I discovered that if I left it for about 4-5 minutes, I would eventually get the K12LTSP login screen.  This was with an S3 Trio64 video board--ordinarily one of my favorite thin client video boards.  And no, it didn't affect all monitors that I had, just the OptiQuest.  Apparently certain--very few--combinations of monitor and video board just don't get along too well with either K12LTSP or FreeBSD.  However, with those combinations, Red Hat Linux in fat-client mode worked just fine.  Go figure.

My fix--for that particular monitor--was to swap in an ATI 3D Rage Pro video board.  The K12LTSP login screen came right up, as expected.  And BTW, I'm now using that S3 Trio64 video board with a 19" SHARP LCD screen, and things work perfectly.

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Carl Keil wrote:
Hi Folks,

I have some monitors that just don't play nice with k12ltsp.  When the client boots and it gets to the "xorg" line, the monitor just switches off.  For one monitor adding XSERVER = vesa makes it work.  I just bought a cute little 15" monitor yesterday and XSERVER = vesa doesn't even fix it.  It seems like its booting normally, then, click, the monitor LED just goes red.  The monitor works on an Ubuntu Fat client and the thin client can boot up normally, with the defaults, using a variety of different monitors.  I'd love to use this tiny monitor, I'd love to get away from vesa on the other thin client, but I don't know what's wrong here.
What causes this phenomenon?  What can I do about it?



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