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Re: [K12OSN] Deep Freeze / Win XP

Some schools in my district do.  The single "pro" that I can think of is the ability to run Reader Rabbit and KidPix, but that's political, not technical.

The con's:  God, that could take up a book!  There's the cost of maintaining those Windows machines, the cost of anti-virus subscriptions, the cost of Deep Freeze, the threat of BSA-style audit threats from Microsoft, the cost of upgrading your PC hardware every 2-3 years....

Just use K12LTSP, David.  You'll be much better off.  And I say that as both a former MCSE and former Microsoft employee.

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Dave Haley wrote:
I am looking for information concerning using Deep Freeze with WIN XP (service pack 2) as well as using Anti Virus software, such as McAfee A.S.A.P. Is there anyone using this type of configuration or something close to it? If so, I would like to hear any pro's or con's that you have experienced.

David Haley
I.T. Dept
Poland Regional High School
Bruce Whittier Middle School
dhaley poland-hs u29 k12 me us  207-998-5400 ext 550

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