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Re: [K12OSN] thin clients

Not really.  You only need enough CPU oomph to transfer and display metadata--screen updates, keystrokes, mouse movements, and, if you've turned on sound support, the LTSP sound daemon.  For that, you really only need the processing power of an 80386.  Yes, an 80*3*86.  I regularly use old Pentium-166's with 32MB DRAM in them, with no "flash memory" at all, and they work great.

But there *are* a couple of things that *do* matter:

1.)  the video chipset, and
2.)  if it supports either PXE-booting or EtherBooting.

The video chipset is rather important.  We just had a discussion in another thread about thin clients that, unfortunately, seem to have a pretty sad video chipset in them (an old Trident type).  This is, we believe, causing some issues with video playback, especially in full-screen mode.  I've got a Pentium II-300 and a Pentium-166, both with Matrox Millenium G400 video cards in them, and video playback works very nicely.

If you can get "fan-less" thin clients, that is, thin clients that use just a mondo heatsink with no fan, then so much the better.  It's quieter, and there's one less part to break down the line.  Not by any means critical, but it is nice.

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rmcdaniel indata us wrote:
I am considering installing a new K12LTSP lab.  I am looking at the HP
t5125 for the thin client.  If I am going to be booting from the
server, does the processor speed and amount of flash memory matter???



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