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Re: [K12OSN] thin clients

Based on my current experience with my Epia V thin clients.  Yes.  Even more important is the video card. Looking at the spec sheet here: http://www.thinstore.net/hpt5125spec.cfm   I am not sure about the video.  16Mb would seem to be enough, but it says nothing about 2D/3D acceleration, MPEG acceleration in hardware, etc.  I am very gun-shy right now because I haven't resolved my Epia issue (with the Trident/PLE133 graphics), but these are based on an even slower cpu than what I have (mine are 533Mhx Epia 5000 and Epia V).

Others will hopefully mention disklessworkstations http://www.disklessworkstations.com/cgi-bin/web/info/ltsp_t150.html?id=yd4tS8GU   which are very similar to mine, so a resolution to the video issue should exist for them.

Personally, I like http://www.disklessworkstations.com/cgi-bin/web/info/ltsp_t170.html if I was upgrading at this point.

Dave Hopkins

On 3/6/07, rmcdaniel indata us < rmcdaniel indata us> wrote:
I am considering installing a new K12LTSP lab.  I am looking at the HP
t5125 for the thin client.  If I am going to be booting from the
server, does the processor speed and amount of flash memory matter???



Ronald R. McDaniel
Conecuh County Schools
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rmcdaniel indata us

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