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Re: [K12OSN] Deep Freeze / Win XP

Actually, from what I understand, the person you are referring to was not an ex-employee, He was just another self proclaimed computer genius (from another country) that "acquired" a copy of Deep Freeze, installed it, had some problems, messed up his own computer and then had the nerve to call Deep Freeze and ask for tech support. Deep Freeze realized that he did not hold a valid license to the product and would not offer him support. This upset the person and in turn wrote a script to corrupt the program, Faronics wrote a patch, he wrote another script, Faronics wrote another patch, this went on for a while but has not been a problem for a year and a half now, a few versions ago at this point.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this current information. Also, I am happy, for the most part, with the network we have in place now, It does have it's good points along with it's bad, just like any "other" network system. Thank You.

Joe Korzeniewski wrote:
Stay away from deep freeze! There is an angry ex-employee of faronics out there who releases this little gadget called deep unfreezer. I leaned this the hard way after my predecessor had paid thousands of dollars for a license (sufficed to say that we do not renew our support). This basically is an .exe that allows someone to thaw a computer without a password. Have you checked into something like edubuntu on the desktop or a K12LTSP server (both of which are far simpler to manage... and free)?

Joe Korzeniewski
Technology Director
Mason County Eastern Schools

dhaley poland-hs u29 k12 me us 3/6/2007 10:43 am >>>
I am looking for information concerning using Deep Freeze with WIN XP (service pack 2) as well as using Anti Virus software, such as McAfee A.S.A.P. Is there anyone using this type of configuration or something close to it? If so, I would like to hear any pro's or con's that you have experienced.

David Haley
I.T. Dept
Poland Regional High School
Bruce Whittier Middle School
dhaley poland-hs u29 k12 me us 207-998-5400 ext 550

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