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Re: [K12OSN] NorthTec MicroClient Jr

On Fri, 9 Mar 2007 06:17:54 -0600 (CST), Barry Cisna wrote
> Hello All,
>  I've used the MicroClient Jr as my personal computer for about 5 months
> now. No complaints at all,  Unbox it, go into bios, enable PXE boot,
> if you so desire setup its own ws00x in lts.conf and use the 
> specified video driver( it works fine with the vesa driver too),,
> you'll have to compile the sound module on K12LTSP for audio to work,
> ,and it works. its that simple I can have 10 web browsers open with 
> no probs. Java Apps dont drain it either.As was mentioned here full 
> screen Tuxtype/Tuxmath does NOT work but windowed works fine. Nice 
> thing is 0 noise!!! and almost 0 heat .Mounted on back of an 19" LCD 
> monitor. I cant seem to see any to nasay about it honestly. $120 
> plus shipping from Bangkok . There is an US reseller now,,I think?

Very cool.  For the price and the speeds I think I'll trade not being able 
to do full screen for some apps.  I am looking at buying around 100 machines 
for 4 of our labs very soon and this looks very promising.


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