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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Consequences of 'net use /home'

So you can use the repertory of-line... and the network is less loaded....

That a new fonctionnality of windows 2000 and XP
You can desactivate it with configurations file
either locally or with the domain's GPO
(Not sure linux domain controller can make GPO)

The other main difference is
Sharing only /home
you can mount /home/myclassroom/studentname on win2000 / XP
whereas win 98 will mount only /home....

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Subject: [K12OSN] OT: Consequences of 'net use /home'

Can someone help me clarify the differences in Win98 vs. newer
clients? I'm wondering that when using "net use /home" as a logon
script with win98 that the home gets mounted 'like' nfs, in that when
ever data is read  or saved in goes right to the share.  It looks as
if server2003 when used as a client grabs the contents of the share,
works with it locally and then saves it back at logooff because I see
users folders created in "Documents and Settings".  Do Win2000 and  XP
function same way as a part of a domain?

Thank you thank you

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