[K12OSN] Terminal Viideo Display Problems versiens 3 &4 vs. version 5 / lts.conf ?

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Mon Mar 12 16:11:38 UTC 2007

One of the things that changes with each rev is the version of Xorg that is used on the 
client.  I've had the same experience, where clients that worked perfectly with version 
3.x wouldn't work (at first) with version 4.x, and likewise with version 5.  To fix it 
usually involves setting a specific X server for that client in lts.conf.  Often, it's 
the vesa X server that works.  So, in lts.conf, try changing

XSERVER = auto


XSERVER = vesa

or since you have Intel video chips, you might try

XSERVER = i810

LTSP defaults to 1024x768, but you can specify the resolution if you want, and this may 
be necessary to get the res you want.


Anthony Luscre wrote:
> I have been running two LTSP servers (one each at separate buildings). 
> One server is running LTSP 3 & one is running LTSP 4.
> Both use the same "thin clients" ( a Pentium-3 pc without hard drive ) 
> and monitors ( Dell LCD E15FP). The clients have onboard video  output 
> based on Intel 815 chip. Both systems have been happily running screen 
> resolution of 1024 x 768 on client monitors.
> This summer I replaced the version 3 server with a version 5 server. The 
> monitor on the clients now display only at 640 x 480. I have checked the 
> lts.conf file and both servers have the same configuration:
> #Video drivers for terminals
> XSERVE R = auto
> All the other lines in that section are commented out with the #. Also 
> all of the "Sample Mode" lines below are all commented out with #.
> I have experimented with uncommenting (one at a time), each of the 
> listed sample modes. I get one of two responses for all that I have 
> tried: either terminal screen displays something along the lines of 
> "Display not supported" or I get "non synched video" with rolling and no 
> discernible display.
> Has anyone else experienced this?
> What is the fix?
> Thanks
> Anthony

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