[K12OSN] Yum Question

Scott Sherrill scott at remc1.org
Thu Mar 15 16:43:37 UTC 2007

Hey gang - it's been awhile since I have posted.....

Quick question about yum itself.  One of the fellows I work with has a
unit from Green Computer (a Power Elf) that I believe is in part based
on e-smith's offering and uses yum to do it's updates.

The box is no longer able to check in to their update server and
checking the logs looks like it hasn't checked in in a long long time
(but let's not go there).

The yum.conf file is:


name=PowerElf 2.0 updates

I can reach the baseurl from the unit using curl - and can see all the

When I do a yum -d 10 list (to crank up the debug) it sticks on:

Gathering package information from servers
server name/cachedir:PowerElf 2.0 updates-/var/cache/yum/updates
Getting headers from: PowerElf 2.0 updates
getting header.info from server
Exiting on User Cancel

but I can access the header.info fine from either a webbrowser or by
curl on the unit itself.

The support person for the company is insistent the problem is a
firewall.  Could it be?  Does yum change protocols and use something
other than port 80?

Am I missing something else obvious?

Thanks all -

Scott Sherrill

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