[K12OSN] How to build Xvnc and LTSPFS into PPC tree?

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Mon Mar 19 19:00:54 UTC 2007

Robert Arkiletian wrote:
> On 3/16/07, Jim Kronebusch <jim at winonacotter.org> wrote:
>> Anyone know how or what it would take to build the VNC modules need to 
>> run
>> FL_TeacherTool into the PPC tree, or how to build in the LTSPFS pieces 
>> for local device
>> support?
>> I have a ton of Macs that I could use as thin clients, but I think 
>> these are very
>> important features to have for a successful roll out.  I really don't 
>> want to have to
>> buy a hundred clients or so when I have machines that would work and 
>> are already in
>> place and hooked up.  But I absolutely need to be sure I have local 
>> device support.
> Any news on this Jim?
On #ltsp today, Oliver Grawert, who is one of the primary devs for edubuntu, mentioned 
that LDA is working in the PPC Edubuntu.  So, that should be doable.

Also, Chuck Liebow mentioned...something, can't recall quite what, where we might find 
the vnc pieces for PPC.  But neither he nor I have looked into it specifically. 
vncreflector *is* available for PPC: see 
But thinking about it now, what we really need is xvnc running on the client, correct? 
The vncreflector part just runs on the server, right?  Robert, I can't recall the exact 
machinations you & Eric went through to get it stable on K12LTSP, but could you describe 
what is missing for PPC clients?


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