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Re: [K12OSN] Lists of thin clients.


in the cmos setup there is some config option there to put the boot to 'int19' I believe it was...it was 2 years ago when I demo'd that unit..and it is still sitting behind me on a shelf. We went with the YesMini from affirmative.net because of the form-factor(being able to mount it to the back of an LCD panel was nice...keeps kids from poking around so much and the USB port sticks straight up so easy access for their USB drives.


Vince Callaway wrote:
The neoware was not really a big issue.

In my case I was trying to score a cheap workstation for a client.  I
paid about $50 for the two of them with shipping.

I did a some searching because the one that works had a password on the
CMOS setup.  After some digging found it was factory set and is
"DOGBITES" btw.  I found it in the archives of this list.  The message
showed it in lower case, but it is actually upper case.

The audio and usb is a non-issue.  This workstation replaces an old wyse
dumb terminal in a warehouse.

The other box does not network boot.  It does have a boot prom socket on
the motherboard.  The neoware software and ltsp don't seem to like each
other.  If I try to login I get a message about touchscreen not being
supported.  I don't have time to dig into it now, but I'm sure I can
work around it.

Some time in the next couple of days I will work up info on these two
boxes.  I now know what to look for to make sure I get one that pxe

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