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Re: [K12OSN] System76

I have also heard good things about System76 from various Linux podcasts, however, I would certainly consider comparing stats with Dell's offerings.  You can purchase a Dell laptop with Ubuntu now and every single piece of Dell hardware I have purchased has been VERY Linux compatible.  In most cases, Ubuntu runs better than the flavor of Windows that it comes with.

Good luck,
Capital HS/Montana

On 5/7/07, Timothy Hart <timothy hart gmail com> wrote:
Not exactly K12LTSP related, my apologies. But I thought some people may have some opinions on this.

Has anyone ever used any of the laptops from system76 (http://system76.com). I need a new Linux laptop and heard about them on the Linux Action Show. Wondering if anyone has had some first hand (or second or third) knowledge about them. Thanks.


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