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Re: [K12OSN] winbindd error

I would get that kind of error authenticating to W2K AD server till I ran the net join ADS command.

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krauses deerpark wednet edu

>>> ray mission lib tx us 05/18/07 8:28 AM >>>
I'm trying to setup a second k12ltsp 6.0 server to authenticate against an 
win2k AD server. My first server is working fine but when I try to set up my 
second server I get a winbind error:

Winbindd dead but pid file exists

I google it and the links say to delete two files

But it does not help.

I've duplicated all the necessary config files using server 1 as the base. I 
can ping the AD server

I can generate a krb5 ticket but I can't get the SID from the Ad server
I run net getlocalsid CHECKLIST0 and it bombs out with:

Can't fetch domain SID for: checklist0

Now I'm stuck in the mud

Any suggestions?

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