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Mel Wade mel at melwade.com
Fri Sep 7 15:35:07 UTC 2007

We use and 8e6 content filter.  We whitelist some areas by category
and black list labs with adequate supervision.  We have found it to be
effective in blocking circumventors even in a blacklist environment.
I would state that most filters do not block circumventors and thus
you really are only filtering the honest or stupid.


On 9/7/07, Kari Matthews <karisue at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a new principal who is, for lack of a more descriptive word,
> paranoid.   After last week's video.google.com scare last week, he had me
> switch our filter to whitelist only.  So I have a little list of websites
> that are allowed; all else is blocked.
> The teachers and students are not happy.  This is a K-8 school, and the
> 5th-8th graders feel they are being punished.  I tend to agree.  And when
> research paper time comes (October), what will happen then?
>  I promised to look into how other schools handle filtering.  I am scared of
> filtering by keyword -- what if I don't think of all of them?  Are available
> prepared lists thorough and reliable?
> I have two needs:
> 1.  I need to be able to report how other schools use Dansguardian or
> similar filtering tools.
> 2.  I need to educate the principal on this topic.  Can you think of any
> info I can throw his way to persuade him to let up the screws a little bit?
> Thanks for helping,
> Kari
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