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Re: [K12OSN] ltsp commercial support

Not quite Philadelphia, but in Newark, Delaware, about another 45 miles from Philli, NCS has been using LTSP for 5 years now. As a charter school, we are actually get quite a few visitors wanting to see how things are done, so feel free to drop by.

Dave Hopkins
Newark Charter School
Newark Del

On 9/13/07, peter <peter beetlebolt com > wrote:
Hi. I'm working for an nyc public school and I'm interested in learning
more about ltsp. For one thing, my school has lots of money and I have
little time so I'm interested in hiring a company or contractor to sell
and support ltsp, not doing it myself. I would particularly like to
visit a school that is using this software so I can see exactly what I
could expect. Can anybody tell me where I go or who to call? I'd be more
than willing to travel to Connecticut, New Jersey, or Philadelphia to
see a working ltsp system.

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