[K12OSN] Coordinating for NECC 2008

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Sat Sep 15 19:12:17 UTC 2007

There isn't a live CD for demonstrating the booting of thin clients. 
There is, however, a live CD that contains/shows the applications that 
come with K12LTSP, which is probably more useful as a give-away at a 
conference anyway.  The CD is an Edubuntu disk that I doctored so that 
it looks like K12LTSP 6, which I then handout to teachers so they can 
explore K12LTSP at their convenience.  The irony is that the true 
brilliance of LTSP--that old machines can be given new life as snappy 
thin clients--isn't what most people care about.

The live CD, aka "K12LTSP's Greatest Hits", is available at 


Vern Ceder wrote:
> I personally like the idea of some kind of installfest, being a LUG member.
> Probably in that environment the emphasis might be better put on 
> liveCD's and demos of what you can do with the software - I can't 
> imagine many being willing to "risk" the computer they were traveling 
> with by doing an actual install... (but I would be pleased if I were 
> wrong about that ;-) )
> Cheers,
> Vern
> Hoover Chan wrote:
>> I hope you all are surviving the start of school year crunch. I'm
>> just barely starting to resurface.
>> That being said, I noticed that the NECC abstract deadline is coming
>> up faster than expected. I was wondering what all is being planned
>> for NECC 2008 as far as Open Source activities.
>> Given the kinds of questions that frequently come up, I was wondering
>> whether it might be useful to have an "Install Fest" where we can
>> demonstrate what it would take to do a basic installation and
>> deployment. Maybe something where we encourage people to bring their
>> own computers or laptops where appropriate distro CD's are available
>> at the session to install?
>> Anyway, just brainstorming some ideas for the conference.
>> Thanks. Hope to see you all there.
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