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[K12OSN] Office 2007 and OpenOffice

I guess I've been living under a rock, so I am unaware of what is going on between Office 2007 and OpenOffice.

Can anyone fill me in? There are some kids bringing Office 2007 documents into the building and are unable to open them in OpenOffice. I have not seen this myself, but this is what the technology teacher is telling me. I did a quick google, but found no practical information from a user standpoint, just discussions about Open XML and ODF. I see there is an ODF converter for Office 2007, but it would be impossible to have parents install a converter. In the past, it was much easier to have OpenOffice be able to open Microsoft and save as Microsoft, less knowledge on the part of the user necessary....

This may be a huge problem in our building since all of the staff just switched to Office 2007 on their windows machines. :^(


Rita Gibson

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