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Re: [K12OSN] Fedora 9 Live LTSP Server, Beta 1

Nils Breunese wrote:
Warren Togami wrote:

1) Why is this not called K12LTSP?
It is the plan for Fedora LTSP5 technology to be the successor of Eric
Harrison's highly successful K12LTSP distribution.  However we had
planned on changing the name to "K12Linux" to be friendlier sounding and
easier to pronounce when people explain it at educator conferences.
Unfortunately the naming issue remains a bit uncertain because we have
not yet received ownership of k12linux domains from the current owner.
Warren's fault for getting busy and forgetting to follow up in past months.

It's nice to see the continued development of K12LTSP, but does this also mean that there will be no more K12LTSP EL-style releases based on CentOS? Fedora is nice, but its lifecycle is a bit short for my taste. I'd rather not have to upgrade my LTSP server's OS every 13 months just to keep my server patched.

Nils Breunese.

K12LTSP EL-5 I suppose can be continued to be maintained for folks who don't mind using the ancient version, but people understand it to be clearly legacy and it will never fix client bugs. The existence of two parallel distributions will be confusing for folks.

In the medium-term, this is looking to be in very good shape for EL-6.

RHEL5 server support for LTSP5 mostly works today with a few broken parts and a few limitations that cannot be worked around. Due to RHEL5 limitations, I made Fedora 9 as the client chroot, which should be fine until RHEL6. RHEL5 based server has not been a huge priority because of the long list of features and polish that we are trying to achieve with modern LTSP5 that RHEL5 will never be able to do with backports. Fixing the remaining problems actually would not be very difficult, but we seriously need help from other people to make this happen. I'm literally doing 95% of the work myself.

I feel kind of overwhelmed by the large amount of stuff that needs to get done. One important way that people could be very helpful without software development would be to help clean up the confusing mess about LTSP scattered across these various sites. We need a coherent story, with redundancy moved, obsolete information either removed or marked as such. In some places information is plain incorrect. I do not have the time to do development and to fix information on scattered sites that I myself do not control.

Help? =)

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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