[K12OSN] Re: Terminal Sound Problems

John Montoya jomonto at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 01:54:01 UTC 2008


This is it for the day. Just an update.....

With your help, I am at least able to get "system" sounds now. But
software still gives me the /dev/dsp error - and I just cant figure
out how to get an 'esd' output plug in for XMMS.

With your help, I have the Gconf-editor installed, I have mplayer,
mplayer-gui, and mplayerrplugin installed.
I also got the codecs installed as directed (great directions!)

BUT  - - - - still looks like programs are trying to run sound from
the server. I have the whole batch of gstreamer-properties errors
(that I posted) - I edited the mplayer conf files as instructed too.

I checked my list - and checked it twice.... but apparently I'm still
missing that ONE click - ONE checkbox.... <sigh> - because still all I
get (now) are system sounds only.
I'm doing better than when I started the day - but....

thanks to everyone - for all your help so far.


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