[K12OSN] Terminal Sound Problems

Mr Barry Cisna cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Fri Jan 4 15:25:43 UTC 2008


I just realized starting version fc6 you have to download the esd plugin
for xxms, so do one of the following:
1. yum install xmms-esd
2. search for "xmms-esd rpm for fc6".
download and install the rpm, you should now see esd as an available
output plugin for xmms. BUT,, this is only going to give you esd sound
through xmms *only*. This should surely get you working sound via xmms to
make sure your speakers are "plugin in the right hole":-),which they
already obviously are if yiou are getting some sounds.

Next do SYSTEM,>Preferences,> More Preferences,>Multimedia System
Selector,>Output,>change to ESD,> click TEST.
You should diffenitly get a sound output here. If you get sound here you
are set!

Now for web browser sound do in Firefox address bar:
copy/paste the contents of this output back here to the list and someone
can probably tell you what you are missing as far as sound output within
Have you install the flash plugin for Firefox, by chance?

Gstreamer can be made to work although, It is a lot of work to work
Keep scratching,

Take Care,


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