[K12OSN] Morley's Great K12LTSP labs - update

Tom Wolfe twolfe at sawback.com
Wed Jan 23 20:21:08 UTC 2008

Hello folks,

It's been about 2 months now since rolling out another 100 or so P3 
workstations on the Stoney reserve west of Calgary, east of Banff.

The only news I have to report is that I ditched the Edubuntu server after 
a week and went back to k12ltsp 6.0 (I had one of each before). Edubuntu 
was way too much headache whereas k12lstp is easy and "it" (read: 
Flash-sound-64-bit) works. Duh?

Thanks again! Looking forward to the elusive LTSP 5, but meanwhile we've 
got no complaints.

Tom Wolfe

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