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RE: [K12OSN] Sabayon or /etc/skel

Just to throw this out there. I use LUM (Linux User Management) which
uses LDAP to hook into eDirectory, and I have no problems with


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> Subject: [K12OSN] Sabayon or /etc/skel
> I'm working on user profiles and was wondering which way 
> would be better. I've used /etc/skel in the past, but it 
> causes a long list in a window the first time a user logs in 
> and they have to click ok. After that it's no big deal but is 
> Sabayon any different? I have installed it and create a 
> profile then click edit, and after that the menu is greyed 
> out and nothing happens so I cannot compare for myself if it 
> is easier. I'd like to be able to edit the menu structure, 
> add icons and change the desktop background for each user 
> that way. Thanks.
> Levi

I've got /etc/skel working where if I create a local acount it uses the
files in /etc/skel without asking the user to click ok. It doesn't even
take the amount of time it used to to load it. Now the problem is with
my regular users, they aren't local accounts, they are AD users that get
home folders created at login. Is there any reason why it would no
longer use /etc/skel/ for them as long as the skel=/etc/skel ?


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