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[K12OSN] OT - what's the easiest route to centralized authentication and home folders?

Hey folks,

Starting from scratch, what's the best way to centralize logins and file serving for a mixed group of linux (ubuntu) and Windows XP (home) workstations. The school is also talking about installing a Mac. I'm thinking of trying the Samba/LDAP script on Centos 5 K12LTSP. Is there a better (easier) way to go? How would you do it if you were starting from scratch and actually implementing thin clients was a ways off in your planning? Should I go 64 bit? The server I'm thinking of using is a Pentium D.
This needs to serve about 50 students - 10 staff and volunteers
17 workstations mixed Ubuntu / Windows (for now) - possibly all on at the same time.

My plan so far is to install Centos 5 K12LTSP on a repurposed workstation with a mirrored software RAID for the home directories. Install backupPC on another repurposed workstation for nightly backups of above. Use the Samba/LDAP script to export /home and provide authentication for everybody. I intend to use LDAP for the school's Joomla site, possibly Moodle, an attendance program, etc. after I get the initial server set up. Any suggestions? Is this overkill for 50 students? We have $0 budget for this.

Thank you so much,


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