[K12OSN] Text-only sessions in K12

David Fourie (TSC) k12 at bizmail.co.za
Sun Jun 8 20:33:34 UTC 2008

Hi all
Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but I have been unable to
find anything in the lists or howtos...

I am trying to get a K12 ver 6 environment to provide a text-only session
for selected users - these users do not require any of the X-applications
and would prefer to boot/login directly to a text session or the text
application that we have provided for them.

I tried (unsuccessfuly) to make custom changes for the specific MAC
address in lts.conf using a line "SCREEN_01 = shell" - this booted into a
shell, but no connection to any of the filesystems, so it was not useful.


David Fourie
The Solution Centre, South Africa

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