[K12OSN] proxy or ntlm authentication for client in k12ltsp

yogesh agrawal getyogi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 20:07:42 UTC 2008

 hi everyone,

I will try to explain my  problem, in case of LTSP, if the server has access
to internet all the clients also have access to internet. But my problem is
i have to give access to only authorized person on the client to access net.
so need some authentication system. At present we use non ltsp system which
uses ntlm and proxy authentication.
i cant use mac authentication, coz deployment site  has cyber cafe kind of
environment, i which user keep on changing but the machines r fixed.

I am really stuck coz of this problem, it would be really nice of u if u let
me know how to overcome this problem or direct me to other sites tht can

best regards
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