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Re: [K12OSN] New K12LTSP installation

absolutely no need to loadshare 20 clients even on a 32bit server...
bonding Gig-E nics is still a good idea...(even for only 20 clients)
as the 'Tux' programs are video intensive and that's a lot of data stream'n to each workstation...


jeff williams wrote:

I've been monitoring the e-mail list for about 4 months and have a couple of questions.

1. Is the latest / greatest K12LTSP 6.0.0 as seems to be indicated on the download page of the K12LTSP Wiki?

2. Is there really an advantage in speed going with 64 bit rather than 32 bit for the server? I ask because I can test 32 bit locally, and don't have 64 bit available. BTW, the lab will be 20 seats in a K-8 environment. I'm planning on running a lightweight window manager rather than KDE or Gnome.

3. The lab will need to also speak to a Windows server for legacy student files, thus I am looking at Samba and smbmount. Any problems in sharing data this way?

4. Is there a good writeup on load sharing between two K12LTSP servers if we decide to go a bit fancy?

5. I'm going to be purchasing new small form factor diskless workstations for the lab. Are there any noted problems with either the Devon IT 6020 series or the eBox-2300 and K12LTSP 6.0.0? (It looks like the Diskless Workstations LTSP Term 1000 is a rebranded eBox-2300. Is this correct?)

6.  Are there any other words of wisdom you would like to supply?

BTW, I have been playing with LTSP/K12LTSP off and on for about 5 years, but have not done a full, not-recovered-from-the-dumpster installation before. My test server is a PIII/450 which was given to me.

I am very, very impressed with the ease of making K12LTSP work, and am looking forward to getting this lab in to production.

Many thanks.

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