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Re: [K12OSN] OT - Student Entered Attendance System

I'd use smart-cards which would double as their 'ID cards'...and they just plug into the computer... and login... then you know they are there.. and yes I would require a password ;) 5yr olds have no problem with passwords(I'd use numbers rather than words, since most of the can count from 1-10)...and the 10-key is much less daunting than 80+ keys on the regular keyboard =)

Carl Keil wrote:
Hey Kind Folks,

I've been asked to create something and I thought I'd pick the collective brain before possibly entering into the wheel reinvention game.

Does anyone know of a computerized system for keeping track of attendance that would function with the kids themselves (k-12) entering their own comings and goings into the system? As I sit down to design this I'm imagining all kinds of data integrity nightmares with kindergarteners clicking "sign in" and "sign out" buttons that are next their (or someone else's) name. This would be some sort of kiosk by the front door. I'm thinking that if I use a web interface (I am a web programmer), I'll use a thin client for this. This is for a free school, where kids can enter and leave the school at different times. There is no "home room" or designated check in time. Right now, kids sign in on paper, but it is making reporting and tracking trends difficult. I'm toying with the idea of using facial (and possibly voice) recognition software. So, a kid comes in, sticks their mug into a camera and clicks a button that either says they are coming or going. If the picture can't be recognized, it is stored and flagged for human identification. I have no idea how to do that though. One other design problem is that we need some record of who's in the building that we can grab if there's a fire or other emergency. That's where the sign-in sheet on the clipboard really shines.

Any brainstormy thoughts at all about pitfalls or solutions would be helpful at this point. Anyone else have a situation similar to this?


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