[K12OSN] Question for a serious problem I have.

Meelis meelis at nlib.ee
Sat Mar 1 07:51:14 UTC 2008

Hi Joseph!

One way is to find that special command from the /var/log/messages file.
For example in my server log there is this entry when a user loggs in :

Feb 25 17:24:45 terminalserver2 gconfd (8t7-27269): käivitamine (versioon 
2.14.0), pid 27269 kasutaja '8t7'

and when the user loggs out :

Feb 25 17:28:45 terminalserver2 gconfd (8t7-27269): Väljumine

My server uses our native language but in english it should be 
"Start","version","user" and "Exit" ? 8t7 is the name of my terminal. 8th 
floor terminal 7.
For future advice I recommend you to use PostSession and PreSession scripts 
that log the info as you use FC6 with LTSP 4.2?

PreSession - user logged in
PostSession - user logged out

I use these files to generate statistics for the server usage. Saves info in 
the mysql DB etc.
This does not work in LTSP 5 :(  ast that version has a LDM thingy that does 
not use GDM files while building the session.

meelis at nlib.ee

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> Hello,
> I hope everyone is well.
> I am running K12LTSP based on Fedora Core 6.  Ever since I did a clean
> install to this version, I have had the problem with the 'last'
> command.  Previously, "last -n 20" would show me the last 20 users who
> logged into the system, as well as the time they logged in and out.
> However, with this install the whenever I run the command I get, for
> everyone the following:
> student1              ws220.ltsp:0     Sun Feb 24 13:01    gone - no 
> logout
> student2              ws220.ltsp:0     Sun Feb 24 12:55    gone - no 
> logout
> student3              ws199.ltsp:0     Sun Feb 24 12:20    gone - no 
> logout
> student4              ws199.ltsp:0     Sun Feb 24 12:20    gone - no 
> logout
> student5              ws216.ltsp:0     Sun Feb 24 12:17    gone - no 
> logout
> The problem, as you can see, is that no matter what time they log out,
> the system will show them as gone - no logout.  This never used to
> happen until this version.  It doesn't matter if the person was logged
> in for 3 minutes, 30 minutes, or 3 hours - they will always show as
> gone - no logout.
> My problem now is that we have a student who is being considered for
> suspension from the school due to an email he sent to a girl.  The
> parents want the student gone as the letter was extremely upsetting
> and inappropriate.  There were several people in the lab at the time
> the email was sent, but they all left and logged out at different
> times.  I need to be able to show who was still in the lab at the time
> the email was sent.  Thus this problem is a major one.
> My question is - how can I get the last command to correctly show the
> time they logged out?
> Thank you.
> Joseph
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